Joint operations: the death to a Daesh leader and destroying the logistics support center west of Anbar

  • 26-05-2020, 14:56
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    Baghdad - INA


     Today, Tuesday, the joint operations announced the death of a serious Daesh leader and the injury of another, and the destruction of the logistics support center southeast of the Rutba district.


     A spokesman for the Joint Operations Command, Major General Tahsin al-Khafaji, told Iraqi News Agency (INA): "A security operation implemented by the first squad after confirmed information targeted a concentration of Daesh gangs in the area of ​​Geb Al-Ghazlan, southeast of the Rutba district of Anbar province."


     Al-Khafaji added, "The security operation achieved the goals and resulted in the killing of a serious terrorist and the injury of another, and the finding of various weapons, explosive devices, and homemade communications equipment intended for detonation, as well as a number of additions in which the terrorists are hiding."