No scenes of Eid in Najaf due to COVID-19

  • 24-05-2020, 13:27
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    INA - Najaf - Haider Farman

    The streets are almost empty and there is no movement of vehicles in them. Eid prayer was restricted to all except the imams of the mosques only. The main entrances to Najaf, which were completely closed in implementation of the crisis cell decisions to confront the Corona pandemic. This blocked the way for visitors who are usually come to the city on such a religious occasion.

    The governor of Najaf, Loay Al-Yasiri, confirmed in a statement to Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "strict measures have been taken in the province to protect citizens from infection with the Corona virus, there is a complete closure by the concrete beams, as well as the closure of the Valley of Peace Cemetery and the closure of the old city”

    He added that according to the decisions of the Local Crisis Cell, the measures will be normal in the governorate, with partial lockdown.