Kurdish blocs: Hussein and Shawani are still candidates for MOFA and Justice

  • 18-05-2020, 13:55
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    Baghdad - INA


     Kurdish blocs confirmed that there was no change in the names of candidates for the vacant ministries.

     "The Fuad Hussein is still a candidate for the Kurdistan Democratic Party according to the electoral merit of the position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs," said the deputy of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Mayada Al-Najjar, to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), noting that "no alternative is presented as a candidate for the foreign ministry."

     They added, "The political process will not be stable without the participation of the Kurds," stressing that "the political blocs want to grant the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Kurds at the current stage."

     For his part, MP Taha Hamad Amin, deputy of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, confirmed the continuation of consultations with the Prime Minister in order to complete the vacant ministries.

     Amin told the Iraqi News Agency (INA) today, Monday, that "the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan nominated Khalid Shwani formally alongside other candidates for the position of Ministry of Justice."

     The block also added, "Shawani, the official candidate of the National Union for the Ministry of Justice and Resolution, is left to Al-Kadhmi's hands and the consensus of the political blocs to resolve him."