WHO: Regional isolation is the solution to reduce COVID-19 cases

  • 15-05-2020, 14:54
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    INA - Baghdad

    The World Health Organization - WHO considered regional isolation as the only solution that can be used to reduce Coronavirus cases.

    "Regional isolation, which is likely to start in the coming days, represents the only solution because within two weeks its results will appear," added WHO representative to Iraq Adham Ismail, "the World Health Organization fully agrees with the procedures in which the Minister of Health spoke, which relates to six regions in Baghdad and Basra that are necessary to impose a total lockdown on them, and to conduct an active and effective survey because these areas are COVID-19  hotspots, and that it recorded high numbers of positive cases in Iraq,”

    Ismail added, "Things in other regions are going well and if the areas covered by sanitary isolation are not surrounded, they will become extremely dangerous and will lead to infecting the rest of the regions," stressing "there is a need to besiege the Corona virus"