Human is an ideal host of viruses

  • 26-04-2020, 12:19
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    Baghdad _INA


     Dr. Maria Vorontsova, a biologist, has announced that mankind has become a pervasive species everywhere, yet maintains close relationships with each other, so humans have become an ideal "host" for viruses.

     "It is possible to explain the absence of epidemics previously, that humanity was fortunate first, and secondly it had not reached the critical mass. At present, mankind is a unique species spread in all regions of the globe, so it has become useful for viruses to use it," the expert said in an interview with Russian news agency RIA Novosti.  As an ideal "host" for easy deployment .Just as humans have become more closely associated with it, planes, trains and ships are constantly roaming, and the establishment of various land transport lines through forests to raw materials reservoirs, it has become easier to meet viruses with humans.

     The expert pointed out that previously there was a buffer zone between humans and wildlife, and she said: "Virgin nature, is the habitat of all kinds of animals. But now these natural areas are disastrously shrinking. 

    There were tropical forests that did not get a human foot, and he lived beside them  Humans who were infected with diseases, but the virus was kept in the region and did not spread beyond its borders. "