Juventus financially benefits from Ronaldo

  • 13-02-2020, 16:42
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    Aged 33, Cristiano Ronaldo signed for Juventus for €100 million which is €6 million more than what Real Madrid paid for him when he was 24-years-old. In addition, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner will earn €30 million per season with the Italian giants.

    This certainly looks like a lot of money for a player in his 30s, but considering Ronaldo’s fitness, he should be able to perform at his best for a few more years at least. In addition, the financial benefits of signing Ronaldo are huge.

    Although Juventus have spent a massive amount on Ronaldo, they can recoup that money with relative ease thanks to the marketing potential of the player.

    For instance, Ronaldo earns £308,000 every time he posts a picture on Instagram according to a study by HopperHQ from November 2017. This made him the third highest paid celebrity when it comes to sponsored photos, the highest paid male and the highest paid athlete.

    Juventus have already started to reap the benefits of signing Ronaldo.

    Following the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus have already sold their season tickets for the upcoming season.

    According to the club, 95% of last season’s season ticket holders opted to renew and the tickets that were not renewed were sold to club members on a shortlist within hours after they went on sale on the 20th of July.

    According to reports, within 24 hours of Ronaldo’s Juventus shirts going online, the club sold over 520,000 units.

    Ronaldo’s kit costs around €105, which means, the club has sold jerseys worth €54 million in 24 hours!

    It doesn’t mean that all that money will go to Juventus, in fact, most of it will go to the kit supplier Adidas. But it shows the star power of Ronaldo.

    To put things into perspective, when Neymar joined PSG, the club is reported to have sold 10,000 kits in the first 24 hours and 120,000 in the first month! According to ItalianFootballTV, Juventus sold just 850,000 jerseys in 2016 and they sold 520,000 Ronaldo jerseys in just 24 hours!

    Early in July, when rumours of Ronaldo’s move was gathering pace, the benefits of a move was already visible.

    On July 5, the Old Lady’s share price saw a surge of 10% and over 20% over a three day period. On the 5th of July, their shares were trading at €0.81 compared to €0.65 on June 28th.

    On July 10, the day when Juventus announced the deal to sign Ronaldo, it peaked at €0.90. On July 24, it dropped to €0.88.

    The fact that a mere speculation raised the club’s share prices by a big margin itself is astonishing and a peak on the day of Ronaldo’s announcement shows how much off the field benefits the club are making with the superstar.