Al-Sudani Chairs Meeting to Complete Implementing the New Sadr City Project

  • 23-06-2024, 19:58
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    Media Office of the Prime Minister said in a statement obtained by the Iraqi News Agency-INA that Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani chaired a meeting today, Sunday, of the Higher Committee for the New Sadr City Project. The meeting discussed the measures necessary to complete the requirements for implementing this important housing project, as well as the overall funding mechanism to ensure all requirements for its completion are met.

    The statement said "Prime Minister Al-Sudani directed the Ministry of Electricity to quickly submit a comprehensive detailed study that includes a precise vision to resolve the issue of the site for the power plant that will supply electricity for the project."

    It further read "Regarding the final shape of the project, the meeting discussed the economic model of the entire project, in addition to the details of the implementation phases and the service complexes and urban centers associated with it. This aims to reach a final conclusion for the plans and designs, aligning with the social and developmental environment of the citizens benefiting from the project."

    "The meeting also approved redirecting invitations to the companies deemed eligible to participate, as it was found that 5 companies qualified to participate out of 34 companies that submitted bids, after the application window was opened by the Baghdad Municipality earlier this year," it added.

    It also said that "Two companies actually submitted bids for implementation, but their bid costs were found to be 17% higher than the estimated project cost, necessitating the redirection of invitations to companies to participate and submit new bids. Furthermore, it was approved to proceed with directing invitations to companies to implement the infrastructure for the first phase of the project, which includes 10,000 housing units."