Japanese Ambassador: We are eager to expand our financial and project-related commitments in Iraq

  • 23-06-2024, 18:53
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    INA-  Baghdad

    Japan's ambassador to Iraq, Futoshi Matsumoto, reaffirmed his country's on Sunday, desire to expand its investments in the country by spearheading large-scale projects carried out by responsible businesses and creating employment opportunities. Meanwhile, Toyota expressed its desire to assist the investment sector.
    The Iraqi market is sizable and has benefited from the experience of Japanese companies; Matsumoto told the Iraqi News Agency (INA) that "Japanese investments are promising in Iraq, especially through private companies, and there is keenness to increase these investments by injecting ambitious projects implemented by sober companies."
    "Taylor is one of those companies; it's well-known for its high-tech, dependable cars. It also gives Iraqis jobs and provides opportunities for training; the government can train Iraqis from cars, and that's what we take care of," he continued.
    "Today, on the occasion of Toyota's 70th anniversary, the new Prado 250 was launched in Iraq. The company's first car, the Toyota PG, was introduced in 1951. The new car reminds me of the original rigidity of Toyota cars with advanced levels of comfort, performance, and efficiency," he continued.
    "We announce the entry of the Toyota Prado car for the first time in Iraq in a new way that differs from the previous model, and Toyota has invested a lot to make this car that suits the Iraqi airspace, fuel, and the taste of the Iraqi user," stated Sardar Al-Bibani, president of Toyota Iraq, in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    "Toyota has many programs, important plans, and duties to cooperate with Iraq," he said. "Our steps focus on supporting the investment sector in Iraq, creating job opportunities, and ambitious programs for Iraqi youth. Japanese companies operating in the private sector are highly sought after by the Iraqi government."