Higher Education Ministry signs MOC with Huawei in information & communication technology

  • 12-06-2024, 13:25
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    Minister of Higher Education Naim Al-Aboudi emphasized the importance of assisting students and researchers in obtaining high-quality education enhanced by technology as the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research signed a memorandum of cooperation with Huawei in the field of information and communication technology today, Wednesday.

    In a speech following the memorandum's signature, Al-Aboudi stated: "This qualitative event embodies a partnership and interest between the competent departments in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Huawei, which has provided important work in the field of information and communication technology in order to achieve in this space the required cooperation to diagnose and implement what Iraqi students and youth need within the framework of The future of smart education and digital transformation." In attendance were also the Chinese embassy, international organizations, civil society, and the reporter of the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    He stated, "We will create a framework of understanding that opens doors for improving smart learning materials in our educational institutions and takes significant strides toward creating a comprehensive and integrated system for fostering talent in the ICT sector." He also mentioned that the Ministry of Higher Education is obligated to support researchers and students in obtaining high-quality education that is enhanced by technology.

    "Sponsoring this cooperation with Huawei, which will open academies in coordination with academic cities in Iraq to support our students and encourage innovation and creative thought among technical talents, is important and interesting," the Minister stated.

    In accordance with the MoC, Huawei will set up virtual training centers in Iraqi universities and colleges, giving students access to its state-of-the-art coursework and degrees that are recognized around the world.

    Huawei has committed to training two thousand university students and one hundred lecturers over the next three years through this initiative.

    Through these programs, Iraqi students can demonstrate their ICT prowess, gain knowledge of the newest cutting-edge innovations, and connect with other ICT talent around the world.

    They will be able to participate in international competition finals and travel for training sessions at Huawei's Chinese headquarters thanks to the new system.

    As Huawei has played a key role in supporting education digitization initiatives around the world, providing invaluable expertise and resources, digital transformation is essential to transform the education sector and ensure accessibility, quality, and relevance in the face of technological advancement.