MOI announces the arrest of 1,800 people accused of the crime of human trafficking

  • 18-05-2024, 22:02
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    Baghdad - INA 

    The Ministry of Interior announced, today, Saturday, the arrest of 1,800 accused persons who entered Iraq illegally or were smugglers. While it indicated that the law punishes those who enter foreigners illegally on charges of committing human trafficking crimes, it warned that the majority of cases of child kidnapping are In crowded places.

    Director of the Directorate of Combating Human Trafficking in the Ministry of Interior, Brigadier Sarmad Musaddiq, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “The Ministry of Interior continues its work in combating trafficking and human smuggling and was able to arrest 1,800 people accused of the crime of human trafficking, including foreigners, during the past five months of this year.” ", indicating that "most of those arrested have cases related to illegal immigration to Iraq, and are of Syrian nationality."

    He added, "The number of people who immigrate illegally to Iraq or who overstay their residency is large, and the violators are deported through the Residency Department of the Ministry of Interior," noting, "Illegal immigration is a violation of the residency law and has no relation to human trafficking crimes."

    He pointed out that "smugglers transporting illegal immigrants are tried in accordance with the Human Trafficking Law," explaining that "trading in human organs is also a crime based on the text of Article 1 of the Iraqi law."

    He stated, "The Ministry of Health issued a set of instructions regarding organ donation for adults under the supervision of doctors."
    Regarding the theft of children, Mosaddeq explained, “The theft and kidnapping of children often take place in crowded places, and there are other cases in which children are sold directly by a father or mother to financially capable families or families who do not have children,” noting, “The Ministry was able to arrest In many cases, the price of a male child ranges from 10 to 15 million, and the price of a female child ranges from 5 to 7 million.