Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Visits FIIA HQ

  • 24-02-2024, 10:10
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    Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, visited the headquarters of the Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency-FIIA

    “During his visit, Al-Sudani held a meeting with intelligence officials, attended by the Minister of Interior, the Head of the Iraqi National Security Service, and the Deputy Commander of the Joint Operations Command,” stated the Media Office of the Prime Minister in a statement, received by the Iraqi News Agency-INA.
    PM Al-Sudani stressed the importance of intelligence efforts and the need to maintain security and stability. 
    “He noted that the government's reconstruction and building efforts require parallel security measures to safeguard achievements and ensure a conducive environment for implementing strategic plans”, the statement added. “He emphasized that the success of round-the-clock development projects hinges on a security response commensurate with the challenges faced”.
    The Commander-in-Chief pointed out that there are those who wish to hinder service efforts and reconstruction and development operations, asserting that these attempts will not deter the government from continuing its construction plans and providing services.
    Al-Sudani also underscored the necessity of providing intelligence services with all supplies, equipment and modern technology required for achieving a professional performance and enhancing security across all areas.