MOT: Turkey informed us of the presence of EU pressure to accelerate the completion of the development road

  • 22-02-2024, 20:50
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Minister of Transport, Razzaq Muhaibas Al-Saadawi, confirmed today, Thursday, the Ministry’s intention to complete the five stages of Al-Faw Port and open it next year, and while the completion rate of the berths in the port exceeded 87 percent, he touched on the development port file, stressing that the Turkish side informed Iraq of the existence of European pressure to accelerate its completion. 

    Al-Saadawi told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “The government of Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani has proven that it is a government of services,” noting that “the Al-Faw port and development road projects are receiving great attention from the Prime Minister.”.

    He added, "The Ministry is determined to complete the five phases of the Grand Al-Faw Port Project within the specified times and open it in 2025," noting that "the five projects for Al-Faw Port begin with the docks project, whose completion rates have exceeded 87 percent and are proceeding according to what was planned.".

    He continued, "The other four projects are the road project linking the Grand Port of Al-Faw and Umm Qasr, in which the completion rate exceeded 70 percent, as well as the submerged tunnel project, the handling yard, and the navigation channel," explaining, "The Grand Port of Al-Faw is progressing according to what was planned.".

    He stated, "There is a great connection between the port of Al-Faw and the development road," pointing out, "During our visit to the Turkish capital, Ankara, we were informed that there is great pressure from the European Union on the necessity of accelerating with Iraq in completing the development road as quickly as possible.".

    He stated, "After the events in Gaza and the Red Sea, Al-Faw port and the development road became an urgent necessity for all countries in the region and the European Union."