What are the risks of late dinner and skipping breakfast?

  • 5-11-2023, 09:21
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    Scientists at Hallym University in South Korea discovered that eating late dinner and skipping breakfast increases the risk of heart disease.

    The Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute magazine indicates that 16,121 people participated in this study, and the researchers divided them into four groups according to their sleep and nutrition regime. Members of the first group went to bed early, woke up early, and ate breakfast.

    As for the members of the second group, they slept and woke up early, but they did not always eat breakfast. The habits of the third group were characterized by late sleeping, waking up, and eating breakfast regularly.

    As for the members of the fourth group, they slept late and woke up late, and they often did not eat breakfast. Participants had to inform the researchers what time they would eat dinner.

    It became clear to the researchers that not eating breakfast with a late dinner increases the risk of developing metabolic syndrome - a metabolic disorder associated with obesity. People with this syndrome have an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, joint disease, and cancer.

    The researchers also discovered that eating late dinner and not eating breakfast causes great harm to men's health, as men who have this habit suffer from cardiovascular diseases more than women.


    SOURCE: Dearborn