Qassam Brigades: Gaza to become a graveyard for Israeli troops

  • 31-10-2023, 21:30
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    Qassam Brigades spokesperson Abu Obeideh said on Tuesday, that the Resistance fighters destroyed 22 Israeli military vehicles, stressing that the Gaza battle is the beginning of Palestinian liberation.

    The military spokesman of the Al-Qassam Brigades, Abu Obeidah, emphasized that "the Zionist regime seeks to forcibly relocate the Palestinian people and destroy their country in order to restore its tarnished image."

    He went on to say that up to now, "Qassam fighters have detonated 22 Israeli military vehicles with Yasin-105 mortars," adding, "Our forces conducted several infiltration operations and bypassed the enemy forces and managed to destroy a number of them."

    Abu Obeidah stated that in the current operation, "the Resistance Navy has used the "Al Asif" torpedo for the first time. Gaza will be the enemy's graveyard. We consider this war as the beginning of the war for the liberation of Palestine and the expulsion of Israel."