EU: Iraq's investment in emissions will support the economy and create jobs

  • 29-10-2023, 15:47
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    The European Union Ambassador, Thomas Seiler, confirmed on Sunday, that Iraq is among the most vulnerable countries in the world to climate change, while pointing to the Union’s cooperation with Iraq to support it on the economic and climate change levels.

    Seiler said, in his speech on the occasion of the World Climate Action Day, which was held by the European Union mission under the title “Iraq and Climate Change,” and attended by the correspondent of the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “The European Union shows special concern for climate change and its effects in the world, and there is a responsibility that lies with it the current generation and challenges, including economic challenges."

    He added, "There are pledges to reach zero carbon dioxide emissions," stressing that "addressing climate change requires diligent efforts in the context of biodiversity laws, and this is part of the world's challenges."

    Seiler continued: "Scientists concerned with this regard have been appointed, especially since the impact of climate change is getting faster and worse in controlling human change, and increasing the risks of instability."

    He pointed out that "Iraq is classified as one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change around the world, which makes it face great challenges in high temperatures, lack of rainfall, and dust storms, in addition to the conflicts that the country has witnessed, displacement, and lack of water sources."

    Seiler pointed out that "Iraq faces high risks due to extreme and harsh weather conditions, and will face this in the process of transitioning to carbon emissions, which will create an economic boost and many job opportunities."

    European Union Ambassador stressed "the necessity of working together and providing efforts for appropriate political reforms and correct investments, and these must be reforms at the regulatory and national strategic levels to promote new consumer behavior, enhance capabilities and raise awareness."

    He concluded by saying: "We seek to cooperate with the Iraqi people and government to support the private economy, civil society organizations and research centers to reform possible policies and turn them into reality."