Basra Oil Company: Activation of the four "Total" contracts

  • 27-08-2023, 00:40
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    The Basra Oil Company announced that the French company Total Energy has activated its four strategic contracts in the fields of oil, gas, renewable energy and seawater.

    "Total Company has been activated for its four contracts, starting from August 16th, 2023, and thus the two parties, the Ministry of Oil and Total Company, will enter into the stage of contractual commitment to implement the investment contracts signed in the final version on 2023," said the Director General, Bassim Abdul Karim Al-Shamkhani, to the Iraqi News Agency - INA, stressing that "the great challenge for Iraq in the past period was how to implement it to create sustainable oil development for the investment of associated gas within the integrated projects of the south, which includes four major and large projects for the oil and gas sectors."

    He explained, "The two contracts for the GGIP project between the French Total Energy Company and Basra Oil are among a total of four contracts for the development of the Artawi field, and the investment of 600 million cubic feet for the fields of the national effort, Al-Subba, Al-Luhais, Al-Toba, north of Basra, in addition to the strategic Majnoon field western-north of Basra, and gas field West Qurna 2,"

    "The Total project also includes the seawater project, which produces 5 million barrels for the purpose of water injection operations and the continuity of production in the oil fields in Basra, Maysan and Dhi Qar, while the fourth project is the electric power project, which produces 1000 megawatts," he explained.