Al-Sudani announces the end of the imported gas crisis that operates the electric power stations

  • 11-07-2023, 21:20
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    Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani announced, on Tuesday evening, the end of the gas supply crisis that operates electric power stations, after a bilateral agreement with Iran.
     Prime Minister said in a speech to the people, followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "It was agreed with Iran to provide it with crude oil in exchange for gas, and the decision will ensure the continuity of the supply of gas, and with it the current crisis will end."
    He added, "The supply of Iranian gas has resumed, and the quantities will increase, starting this evening, as 10 million standard cubic meters will flow, and they will return to the same previous quantities, and an agreement has been signed in this regard."
    Al-Sudani continued, "Due to the lack of US approvals to transfer funds to Iran, gas supplies were stopped earlier and decreased by more than 50%."
    He stressed, "Iraq has paid all its dues for Iranian gas amounting to 11 billion dollars, and it was deposited in the account of Iranian companies and we transferred 1.8 billion euros to Iran to pay gas dues."
    Prime Minister pointed out, "The current national gas projects represented by the fifth licensing round and our contracts with France's Total, as well as the Basra gas projects, will end the need for import after completion within two to three years."