General Electric: We have new projects to increase the production of electric power in Iraq

  • 29-01-2023, 21:48
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    The General Electric Company announced today, Sunday, the addition of 19 GW to the electricity system in Iraq, and while it indicated the implementation of dozens of secondary stations in all governorates of Iraq, and confirmed that these stations support the network, reduce losses and relieve bottlenecks.
    The head of the company's branch, Rashid Al-Janabi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), during the opening of the Iraq Energy Exhibition in its eighth session, "We are participating in the Iraq Energy Exhibition as a sponsor, which is support for the work of the Ministry of Electricity," noting that "General Electric works in Iraq in cooperation with Electricity as a strategic partner for more of 50 years.
    Al-Janabi added, "During recent decades, important projects have been implemented in Iraq, including the addition of 19 GW of electric power throughout Iraq, including the regions of Kurdistan," noting that "at the current stage, we are about to put forward important projects for the Ministry of Electricity."
    He stated that "the energy challenge in Iraq today is not only limited to securing the Iraqis' need for energy, but rather securing it in a clean manner and securing sustainable energy," explaining that "General Electric's work in Iraq includes all provinces."
      "General Electric today implements dozens of secondary stations in all governorates of Iraq, which support the electricity network, reduce losses and break bottlenecks," pointing out that "the company presents visions for the future of energy in Iraq that includes securing clean energy in a reliable and integrated manner for all Iraqis." Al-Janabi said.