NATO deploys AWACS aircraft systems in Romania to monitor Russia

  • 13-01-2023, 15:25
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    INA- Agencies 

    NATO announced in a statement that it will redeploy AWACS early warning aircraft systems from Germany to Romania on January 17 to "monitor Russian military activity."

    The statement stated that the alliance will deploy the early warning systems "AWACS" in Bucharest, and the aircraft are scheduled to arrive on January 17, as these aircraft will support the strengthening of the coalition's presence in the region, and provide it with monitoring of Russian military activity.

    NATO linked the transfer of aircraft systems to the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, and stated that "there should be no doubt about (NATO's) determination to defend every inch of the alliance's territory," noting that "AWACS systems can detect aircraft at a distance, hundreds of kilometers, which makes it an essential element of deterrence and defense (NATO).

    This task is scheduled to take several weeks, but NATO did not specify the number of AWACS aircraft that will be sent to Romania. According to media reports, there are 14 such aircraft in Germany, 3 of which will be sent to Romania.