Macron tweets in Arabic after France win, World Cup 2022 updates

  • 26-11-2022, 23:00
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    French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted on his official Twitter account in Arabic right after France win against Denmark during Groups phase in World Cup 2022, Qatar.

    "In a world facing a series of crises, we must protect the spirit of sport. Sport must offer a space to bring people together, around universal values," he tweeted. 

    He referred to this football world cup, saying "This football World Cup, the first organized in an Arab country, is a sign of tangible changes underway. Qatar is headed in this direction. It must continue, and it can count on our support."

    "To all the teams and nations represented: with every goal scored, cheers of joy reverberate around the world. So let’s cheer together! And… let's go, blue!," he included.