Senegal beat Qatar 3-1 in the World Cup

  • 25-11-2022, 18:26
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    Senegal put Qatar, the host of the World Cup, a step away from leaving the World Cup when it suffered its second loss by three goals to one in the framework of the first group competitions.
    He scored for Senegal Bolay Dia (41), Famara Didiau (48) and Ahmadou Bamba Deng (84), while Qatar's only goal came from Mohamed Muntari (78).
    With this victory, Senegal revived its hopes of qualifying from the group, before facing Ecuador in the last round, while Qatar, which lost from Ecuador in the opening match, will face the Netherlands at the end of the group matches.
    Qatar is one step away from officially leaving the World Cup, and this will be achieved in the event of a tie between the Netherlands and Ecuador later, or the victory of the Netherlands.