CBI determines means to reform the economic system

  • 23-11-2022, 20:28
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    The Central Bank of Iraq – CBI identified the means to reform the economic system in the country, as it announces supporting clean energy by one trillion dinars.
    "It is not possible to create an economic sector and attract investors without a successful and healthy banking sector," said CBI adviser Ihsan Shamran al-Yasiri to the Iraqi News Agency - INA.
    He explained, "The government banking sector acquires a large proportion of the public or private funds; therefore, reforming the banking sector is a platform for reforming the economic system."
    "CBI launched an initiative amounting to 1 trillion dinars to finance the purchase of electricity generation units from renewable energy," he added, noting that "the initiative constitutes a great starting point for changing the public to switch to clean energy."
    He included that "the government started more than a year ago trying to switch to clean energy," explaining that "CBI contributed to the initiative via simple, interest-free loans to family community and the civil economic sector."