Heist of the Century to be revealed in a special report by the integrity committee soon

  • 22-11-2022, 12:29
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    The Parliamentary Integrity Committee announced on Tuesday, the imminent announcement of the report on the “Heist of the Century”, as Prime Minister Mohammad Shia Al-Sudani ordered a probe into this case.
    "The parliamentary Integrity Committee has formed a subcommittee to follow up on the so-called Heist of the Century to reveal the funds that were stolen," noting that "the committee continues to summon officials and directors of relevant institutions related to the case,” said Raad Al-Dahlaki, The parliamentary Integrity Committee in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    He added, "The report on the case will be read before the parliament in the coming days and referred to the government," noting that "the report contains many elaboration for the public opinion, the funds and how they were stolen."
    He added, "There is great cooperation between the government, the Parliament and the Integrity Committee, with continued communication with the Prime Minister," noting that "the Prime Minister directed the executive authorities to cooperate with the Integrity Committee to hand over every document they need regarding this case."