Iraq's National Day is an opportunity for brotherhood and tolerance

  • 2-10-2022, 20:17
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    The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities confirmed today, Sunday, that Iraq's National Day, which falls on Monday, is an opportunity for brotherhood and tolerance.

    The ministry said in a statement "Our ministry is pleased to extend the most sincere congratulations and best blessings to the Iraqi people with all its components and sects on the occasion of the National Day of the Republic of Iraq," noting that "this anniversary is an appropriate opportunity to call for fraternity, tolerance, love and supremacy the national interest, building the homeland on sound foundations, and rejecting differences.

     The statement added, "The Minister of Culture, Hassan Nazim, has previously explained on many occasions the importance of choosing a national day that brings together Iraqis, and that the ministry held seminars called by academics, researchers and intellectuals from various field, and after long debates, it was agreed to choose the third day of October of each year as a national day, because it is the day Iraq entered the League of the United Nations, which means recognition of Iraq as a sovereign state,” noting that “the Minister of Culture described this day as an important historical moment, and that he called the Parliament to vote on it after it was first read.”