The Iraqi Drilling Company announces the completion of 45 oil wells

  • 1-10-2022, 17:24
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    The Iraqi Drilling Company announced, today, Saturday, the completion of drilling and reclamation of 45 oil wells during the current year.
    The Director-General of the Iraqi Drilling Company, Basem Abdul Karim Nasser, said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the technical and engineering staff in the company completed in the third quarter of this year the drilling and reclamation of 45 oil wells for the benefit of national extraction companies and international companies operating."
    He added, "The company is moving forward to expand its scope of work in drilling and reclamation of oil wells." 
    He pointed out that "the company is in the process of concluding a number of new contracts for drilling and reclamation of oil wells in the Rumaila oil field in favor of BP, Nahr Bin Omar field for the Basra Oil Company and East Baghdad field for the Central Oil Company, in addition to continuing to implement the current contracts with national and international companies."
    In conclusion he also continued, "The company owns 43 drilling and reclamation rigs, including 30 modern devices whose work is distributed in the Iraqi oil fields from north to south."