An Iraqi-Syrian security meeting to fortify borders, thwart any terrorist’s attempt

  • 19-09-2022, 10:33
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    Iraqi Border Guard Forces Command held on Monday, a meeting with its Syrian counterpart to discuss fortifying the borders and foiling any terrorist attempts.
    Border Guard Commander Lt. Gen. Hamid Al-Husseini told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that " Syrian border guard commander Maj. Gen. Ghassan Mahmoud and his accompanying delegation visited today, the border guard headquarters, and a meeting was held to discuss securing the mutual borders between the two countries, strengthening cooperation to prevent any terrorist attempt to tamper with the stable security, and continuing the fortification Ops accomplished by The Border Guard Command in Iraqi side. "
    Al-Husseini added that "Iraq has made efforts to secure its borders and prevent any smuggling attempts," noting that "The Iraqi borders are safe and stable after completing an integrated monitoring system, which includes fences, a concrete wall and 24-hour thermal surveillance cameras. "