Bank storming is a phenomenon threatens Lebonan's security

  • 16-09-2022, 17:12
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    The Lebanese Interior Minister, Bassam Mawlawi, considered the storming of banks a phenomenon that threatens the security of the country, while stressing the tightening of measures to prevent its recurrence.

    Mawlawi said in a statement in response to the intrusions that occurred today that "depositors' rights cannot be recovered by force because they fall under the law," noting that "what we are witnessing today is a phenomenon that threatens the country and order, and we will take legal measures against the intruders.".

    He added, "There are parties that push people to take actions against banks, and I cannot disclose the details of the confidentiality of the investigation," calling on depositors to "be wary of pushing parties to carry out acts to destabilize security.".

    He continued, "The security services will tighten their procedures to maintain security and order," stressing: "We did not intervene today to protect banks, but to protect Lebanon, public order and all citizens."
    Meanwhile, the Association of Banks in Lebanon announced the closure of branches on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays next week due to depositors' intrusions.