Hussain: A governmental desire to find appropriate solutions with Turkey away from escalation

  • 23-07-2022, 19:03
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Fuad Hussein, confirmed today, Saturday, the submission of 296 memoranda of protest against the Turkish interventions.

    Hussein said during his attendance of the extraordinary session of Parliament on the Turkish attacks, and the Iraqi News Agency (INA) followed it, that "the Prime Minister directed the formation of a military, administrative and political committee to go to the bombing area, which led to the martyrdom of 9 citizens and the wounding of 31 others.".

    He explained the nature of the relationship between Iraq and Turkey since the border demarcation between the two countries and the conclusion of agreements between them tens of years ago, pointing out that “there is an official report signed by the then Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz with his Turkish counterpart, in 1984 and for only one year, regarding allowing entry Turkish forces inside Iraqi territory, a distance of 5 km.

    He noted that "more than 22,700 Turkish violations have been recorded since 2018 against the sovereignty of Iraq, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs submitted 296 memoranda of protest against Turkish interference, and it was recently included with the complaint submitted to the UN Security Council towards Turkey.".

    He pointed out that "the Security Council will hold an emergency session next Tuesday to discuss the Turkish attacks against Iraq, especially since the latest incident is a clear violation of Iraqi sovereignty and international conventions, noting the importance of finding ways to deal with the continued Turkish bombardment on Iraqi lands, especially since the Iraqi government demanded Turkey to withdraw its military forces from Iraq to allow it to act according to diplomatic and political steps, in addition to reminding him of the need for a position from the House of Representatives to move against the policy of the Turkish presence in Iraq.

    He added, "The Iraqi government wants to find appropriate solutions with the Turkish side by opening the door to negotiations away from the escalation method."