An Iraqi photographer wins international awards for documenting the marshes

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  • 22-07-2022, 18:14
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    The Iraqi expatriate photographer Ihsan Al-Jizani won several international awards in the most famous competitions around the world, for his photographic works documenting the reality of the marshes in southern Iraq.

    Al-Jizani said, during an interview with the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The Austrian competition for photographic art is a global competition in which more than a quarter of a million participants from 78 countries around the world participated, and it is one of the most famous competitions in the world that specializes in photographic art.".

    Al-Jizani added: "Every year, two world books are published about the competition, and this year a world book will be published on the world's most famous photographers and winners of international awards from 1992 until 2022, that is, it includes only the winners of the international awards for this competition, which lasted 30 years."
    He continued, "I won the international medal in the competition, and my name and my picture will be among the new book, which is unique, for receiving international prizes for the competition," adding: "This achievement is not only for me, but for Iraq and all Arabs, after an Iraqi name is placed On the list of the world's most famous photographers.
    He expressed his hope that "this award will be written because it represented the marshes and talked about the biggest disaster represented in its drought and its impact on the world, and it is important for Iraq because it is an award that represents a cry to save the marshes from drought.".

    On the details of the international photography competition held in Slovenia, Al-Jizani said: always and forever try to raise these problems in order to save the rest," adding: "The other award is for Iraqi antiquities, including Al-Malawia."
    And he added: "Because of my many words about Iraq, and in particular the marshes, the Western press wrote a lot about me and took pictures of me next to the marshes and said about me: "You are the contemporary Gilgamesh looking to restore life to Mesopotamia through your exhibitions, prizes and patriotic stances by desperately defending the homeland," stressing that "" He has a real message.”
    He concluded, “The exhibition is currently being held in Slovenia for two months in the Slovenian National Museum, and the three works that won international awards are currently in the exhibition, in which 54 countries are participating, which is a pride for Iraq and a pride for the Arabs.”