Missani photographer simulates life with his lens and reaps awards

Culture and art
  • 8-12-2020, 12:00
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    Maysan - INA

    The young Ali Saadoun Eudah is a photographic artist from Maysan Governorate. He was able to excel by taking pictures with details that make them vocal in describing the place and expressing the lives of people. His distinctive pictures made him participate in Arab competitions and win several prizes.


    Eudah spoke to the Iraqi News Agency (INA) about his participation in the "Inflection" competition in Saudi Arabia, saying: "A picture was taken in the city of Maysan in which I participated in the" Inversion "competition in Saudi Arabia, through which I was able to qualify for the finals and win the competition.

    Regarding the awards he received, he stressed that "the most important prizes I have received are my receipt of an international mail from India documenting my participation in the International Exhibition of Photography and my obtaining a diploma in photography, as well as displaying my picture in the Moments competition on the National Graphic Abu Dhabi site.”.

    He continued, "I obtained a diploma in photography for the second time through my participation in Cyprus as a member of the WPG_N club sponsored by the FIAP, in addition to showing my pictures in the World Exhibition within the WPG Club and being included in the" FIAP "international magazine.

    He also touched on "obtaining the golden star of inspiration five times from the global Iubik site, and winning his work on the Arab px blog, the global group within the Carnival of Color Photography."