Iraq is moving to prepare special documents for joining the WTO

  • 17-07-2022, 18:39
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    The International Trade Center clarified on Sunday,  the importance of Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), and while referring to the preparation of special documents on this, it stressed that Iraq is in the middle of the way to joining the World Organization.
    "Iraq is in the stage of joining the World Trade Organization, as it submitted an application for accession from 2004 and was approved by the organization, and Iraq is currently an observer member of the organization," the International Trade Coordinator at the Center, Israa Al-Jabari, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    She pointed out that "the organization is international and contains 168 countries and has agreements, laws and special conditions for accession," explaining that "any country that wishes to be a member of the organization must implement its laws, strategies and internal policies in accordance with the agreements of WTO."

    Al-Jabari explained "the International Trade Center is working to help Iraq to provide technical support in harmonizing laws and agreements with regard to its accession to world trade, and there are important documents that are being worked on."

    She added "the main part of communicating with the organization in order to join is the Ministry of Commerce, which in turn presents the file, which includes all the relevant ministries in Iraq, in addition to the private sector," stressing that "striving to work on preparing special documents for accession in accordance with the agreements of the Trade Organization." 

    Al-Jabari  said , "Iraq has industrial and agricultural qualifications and trade exchange, but it needs to work on studying and developing the applicable policies so that there is harmonization with the laws of the organization," noting that "Iraq is currently in the middle of the road to join."

    She noted, "the importance of Iraq's accession to the organization, as it deserves to be part of the international trade, industrial and economic community, especially since its accession will be part of this international community and can organize its economic and commercial policies, including trade exchange in accordance with international laws that serve it with all concerned parties dealing with it in the future.”