Assigning National Security and Police Departments to control smuggling petroleum

  • 22-06-2022, 23:14
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    Security Media Cell - SMC announced on Wednesday, the assignment of the National Security Agency and Police directorates to control the smuggling of petroleum derivatives.

    "In implementation of the directives of the Prime Minister, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, and for the purpose of controlling the smuggling of petroleum derivatives as well as addressing the fuel shortage in Baghdad and the provinces, an extraordinary meeting was held at the headquarters of the Joint Operations Command with operations leaders of National Security in Baghdad and the provinces," according to a statement by SMC received by the Iraqi News Agency - INA. 

    The statement included that, "the meeting resulted in assigning the national security detachments and assigning the operations leaders and police directorates in the governorates not connected to the operations command to control the smuggling of petroleum and oil derivatives as to grant them exceptional authorization that included the confiscation of smuggled oil products, tanks and wheels used in transport and smuggling operations."

    "In addition to authorizing them to conduct inspections of all tanks to show the conformity of the product with what is mentioned in the movement's messages, with the military units and security services monitoring and closing the Nassiyah and non-main roads used by smugglers to move between governorates, with tightening procedures in the main controls," according to the statement. 

    The meeting was attended by the head of the National Security Apparatus, the deputy commander of joint operations, the commander of the ground forces, the commander of Baghdad operations, the operations commanders, the directors of national security in the provinces and representatives of the Ministry of Oil.