Iraqi author issues a book to document Iraqi stamps and coins

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  • 17-06-2022, 12:37
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    The author, Eng. Nawar Akram, issued the book, Oil in Iraqi Stamps and Coins to document the Iraqi stamps and coins that dealt with the issue of oil in Iraq.

    Akram told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The book is a documentary research on the issuance of Iraqi stamps and coins related to oil and oil topics, as it sheds light on the most important events in the historical march of Iraqi oil at the same time, highlighting the cognitive and aesthetic aspects of the stamp and coin collecting hobby."

    He added, "The book included two sections and three appendices, the first section dealt with Iraqi stamps related to oil, while the second section was devoted to the issuance of paper money and coins issued by the Central Bank of Iraq, which carried a reference to oil and its topics. As for the first appendix, it contained a narration of the most important historical joints of oil in Iraq, and the other two appendixes included what was available in the author's collection of envelopes for the first day and the documents of oil companies. "

    He continued, "The book discussed the history of stamps emergence, their types and the beginning of their use in Iraq, as well as the process of Iraqi money and its emergence, in addition to some information about the printing, dimensions and punching of stamps, as well as security signs, the method of numbering paper currencies and information on stamps and currencies in global catalogues."

    He stressed that "The conclusion showed a statistics of publications number and their chronological distribution within the past century of the modern Iraqi state."