MOE announces start establishing interconnection stations with KSA

  • 15-06-2022, 14:49
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    The Ministry of Electricity (MOE) announced on Wednesday, the start of establishing interconnection stations with kingdom  Saudi Arabia(KSA) and determining the paths of transmission lines, while defining the advantages of the connection and its impact on the energy level.

    "The ministry is establishing and working on the readiness of stations to establish the link between Iraq and Saudi Arabia," The ministry's spokesman, Ahmed Musa, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    "Iraq has signed a memorandum of understanding with KSA side related to the electrical connection, and there are periodic meetings the ministry has made important strides to move the connection," noting that "the paths through which the lines will be established to connect the two countries, as well as the identification of future stations for points Connectivity, “he added.

    He pointed out that "the main objective of the electrical interconnection projects is the readiness and stability of the electrical network, and the introduction of Iraq under the interconnection projects to the energy market, whether it is Arab, Gulf or international, in addition to making Iraq, according to the linkage projects, an important member of the energy market to achieve stability of the network."

    MOE had previously set the percentage of completion of the electrical connection with the Gulf and Turkey, while indicating that the solar energy projects will be ready within the scope of the ministry's medium-term plan.

    "There are two different connections, the first Turkish, and this has been technically accomplished 100%, and we have obtained official approvals, and we are waiting for Iraq's need for energy in the summer to supply 500 megawatts to the northern governorates" a spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity, Ahmed Musa, said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    Regarding the connection with Jordan, he explained that "work on this connection was referred to the General Electric Company, and the ministry urged the ministry to complete the work within a quick timeframe," stressing that work is being done on the Risha Al-Qaim line and the Al-Qaim transformer station.

    "The Gulf connection is 88% complete, and we need to search for the tariff price for the line that connects the Al-Faw station with the Al-Zour station in Kuwait, and our meetings are periodic with the Gulf side," Ahmed Musa added.