MOMD reveals details about Al-Hol camp and its role towards Iraqis in Ukraine

  • 9-03-2022, 13:49
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     Ministry of Migration and Displacement counted Wednesday the details of Al-Hol camp and its role towards Iraqis in Ukraine.
    The Undersecretary of the Ministry, Karim Al-Nouri, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the Iraqi community present in Ukraine are not immigrants, but residents, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has adopted the process of communicating with them," stressing "immigration support for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for any matter regarding Iraqi residents in Ukraine."
    He continued, "There is a great work done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs towards the Iraqis there, and we, as the Ministry of Migration, support it."
    With regard to the al-Hol camp, he explained, "Al-Hol camp was established in 1991 in anticipation of the repercussions of the Gulf War, and no Iraqis went there after the war, but after 2014, the battles of Baghouz and the battle of Deir ez-Zor, many families went to the region, Turkey and Hasaka," noting that "The camp is 13 km from the Iraqi border and is in the hands of the Syrian Democratic Forces."
    He pointed out that "the number of displaced persons in al-Hol camp is 70,000 people of all nationalities, and from Iraqis ranges from 29-30 thousand, most of them are children," noting that "the presence of these people within the direction of ISIS terrorist will be a danger to Iraq."
    He pointed out that "Iraq received the displaced people of Al-Hol camp after the security check, and we started with them intensive programs, whether psychological treatments or social preparation, because they lived through difficult conditions of brainwashing during the period of ISIS terrorist gangs."
    He stated, "IOM International Organization for Migration has contributed to the community rehabilitation of the displaced people of Al-Hol camp, as well as the National Security Adviser, and some government agencies such as the National Authority to create conditions for their return," explaining that "a number of them have returned to their homes."