Experts advise to adapt to Corona for life

  • 13-01-2022, 19:41
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    Follow up - INA 

    A number of experts advised the necessity of adapting to the Corona virus for life, after the idea of eliminating the epidemic became out of reach in light of the new mutations of the virus.

    Experts believe that "the highly prevalent omicron variant may eventually precipitate its transformation into an endemic stage in human life, as in the case of the plague epidemic, which calls for new strategies to deal with it in light of the possible continuity of the epidemic.".

    The former members of US President Joe Biden's transitional advisory board published an opinion piece about the need for world leaders to "begin clarifying their goals to their people about how to adapt to the new normal of Corona.".

    In turn, some people wonder if they should just give up, allow themselves to be infected with Omicron, and be done with it.
    But former Biden advisers answer this question with a decisive answer: “No,” and they call the experience of adapting to the plague as a guide in controlling the Corona epidemic, when the survival of the plague epidemic prompted the population to understand the importance of basic hygiene and social distancing, to contain the disease.

    For his part, America's chief health expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said, "The choice with the Corona epidemic is whether we want to allow it to kill and infect many more people in the process, or to be more proactive and cautious to reduce the numbers as much as possible.".
    "You have to be proactive with the epidemic in order to contain it," Fauci added.

    To be proactive in the face of the epidemic, this requires a number of tips; The most prominent of these is the employment of real-time information systems as a necessary solution to closely track the Corona epidemic, in light of the reliance of many countries, such as America, on inaccurate estimates of the spread of the disease, and the limited monitoring of genetic changes that cause new variables.