Air Defense: Iraq's airspace is secure, drone processing systems will enter service

  • 2-01-2022, 13:44
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    The Air Defense Commander, Lieutenant-General Maan Al-Saadi, confirmed today, Sunday, that the Iraqi airspace is completely secured and that no violations or threats to the country have been recorded, while indicating that the drone handling systems will enter service.

     Al-Saadi told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the Iraqi airspace is fully secured within the available capabilities of the radar detection system, and so far, no violations or air threats targeting the sky of Iraq have been recorded."

    he stressed that "Any movement of any aircraft in Iraqi airspace can only take place with the approval of the Iraqi authorities and according to the powers authorized by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, the Minister of Defense and the Commander of Air Defense," noting that "even the air forces of the coalition can only take place with a fundamentalist approval."

     He continued that "We have anti-drone systems to deal with small drones, but they are limited and few, so the government, headed by the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, seeks to obtain a better quality of these systems to address all the threats that affect officials and vital places in Iraq in Baghdad and the provinces."

     He pointed out that "the air defense developed a plan and requested capacity-building, and the plan was presented to the Defense Council, and approval and votes were obtained, and there are offers from international companies, and they were approved after conducting visits and field experiments in those countries and the success of those experiments," noting that "after completing the approvals, the contracting will be made.  contract it.”

     He pointed out that "air defense is a chain that starts from the radar detection system and ends with the communications and electronic jamming system, and there are systems to counter and treat long and medium-range missiles and an artillery system, and we own a part, but we need more for that. A plan was developed and presented in addition to the support that was provided from the Minister of Defense and the Chief of Staff of the Army."

     He explained, "Through the plan that was developed after its approval and securing the required amounts, a contract will be made to bring modern systems to complete the chain in Iraq."

     And regarding the armament file, Lieutenant-General Maan Al-Saadi said: "Our armament is not from one country, but rather several countries, according to what exists and according to the available capabilities that we aspire to develop," adding that "any system that we think of importing must be in keeping with the atmosphere of Iraq. There are systems with a high atmosphere, but they do not  It operates in our hot climates, and that all counts while thinking about imports."

     He continued, "We are currently working on manufacturing drones in the weapons and equipment repair lab led by the Air Defense, and our military doctrine is defensive, not offensive," stressing that "there has been remarkable progress in manufacturing drones that use long-range with lower cost and greater effectiveness."