The Minister of Environment announces the end of radioactive pollution in Basra

  • 12-12-2021, 20:15
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    Undersecretary Minister of Environment, Jasim Al-Falahi, announced the end of the radioactive pollution page in Basra. 
    Al-Falahi said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "after decades of radioactive contamination that occurred as a result of strikes in which depleted uranium was used in some sites, a report was submitted to the Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, who directed the formation of an Iraqi team to deal with this file seriously," noting that "these sites have negative effects on people's health."
    He added, "These sites are registered and the supervisory authority in the Center for the Prevention of Nuclear Radiation in Iraq has been following these sites seriously, and we have survey maps for all contaminated areas in Iraq."
    Al-Falahi stressed, "The page of radioactive contamination in Basra province has been turned over and it has been declared free of radioactive contamination, which is the first work of this committee, which was praised by the Arab Atomic Energy Authority when it visited Iraq last week, and it will be the first work that includes all Iraqi provinces in preparation for declaring them free of radiation."