The Cabinet's advisory announces that Basra is free of radioactive contamination

  • 15-11-2021, 13:23
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    Adviser's council member at the Cabinet, Hamid Al-Bahili, clarified today, Monday, the legal and executive procedures for establishing atomic energy projects, while declaring Basra free of radioactive contamination.
    “Resolution No. 169 was issued to form atomic energy and the formation of nuclear supervision, as I was assigned to chair a committee to prepare a law for each of them, explaining that “the first law was issued, which is Law 143 of 2016, but its activation requires the approval of the second law on nuclear control, which was referred to the parliament”, Al-Bahili told the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    And he indicated, "An Iraqi delegation was scheduled to visit Moscow to discuss the reactor project, but due to the latest   circumstances there, Moscow announced that the nuclear activity had stopped completely".
    Regarding radioactive contamination, Al-Bahli stated, “Radioactive pollution in Iraq is not a result of today, but rather the previous wars that passed through Iraq in the years 1990, 1999 and 2003, noting, that “there was a directive By the Prime Minister to clear Iraq of radioactive contamination, especially after the emergence of many serious injuries to citizens, whether with cancer or miscarriage and other diseases”.
    He continued, "An invitation was sent to the Arab Atomic Energy Agency to confirm the findings of the Iraqi team that Basra is free of radioactive contamination, as the delegation of the Arab Atomic Energy Agency arrived, headed by the Chairman of the Authority, and special devices and equipment were prepared for the purpose of examining Basra, after which the results will be announced."
    He pointed out that "After completing the procedures in Basra Governorate, it will move to the city of Nasiriyah, and then to Nineveh and the Kurdistan Region," suggesting that "Iraq will be declared free of radioactive contamination within 6 months."