530 million people in India are at risk of dying from air pollution

  • 2-09-2021, 16:36
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    A new study has shown that air pollution in India poses a major threat to the population, due to the extremely poor environmental situation.

    A group of researchers at the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago ( EPIC ) conducted a scientific study on the impact of air pollution in India on the average lifespan of diabetes there, according to what was reported by the American " kvia " channel website .

    According to the report issued by the institute, "All India's 1.3 billion people face average annual levels of pollution that exceed the guidelines set by the World Health Organization."

    Fresh air for life

    According to the report, “In 2019, 21 cities out of 30 cities suffer from the worst air pollution in India, according to IQAir AirVisual ’s annual global ranking , with Ghaziabad being the worst polluted city.

    The Indian government also announced a nationwide awareness campaign on "Clean Air" in 2019, with the aim of reducing particulate pollution by up to 30% by 2024.

    The study said that "the Indian capital, Delhi, is heavily polluted, and the residents of Delhi can see what the situation will reach in 10 years added to their lives, if the pollution is reduced according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, and it rises to 7 years if the pollution meets the national standards for India."

    According to the study, “Air pollution is likely to reduce the life expectancy of 40% of Indians, which is about 520 million people.”

    The study indicated that "on average, a person will lose 2.2 years of life due to air pollution, and if nothing changes, it will be 17 billion lost years of human life."

    "There are several factors behind the ongoing pollution, including mass industrialization, increasing demand for energy, use of fossil fuels, smog from vehicles and industrial waste," the report said.

    Pollution in India, a regional problem that extends beyond India across South Asia, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh, is consistently ranked among the five most polluted countries worldwide, with its population experiencing reduced life expectancy.