3 Daesh leaders arrested by intelligence operation in Baghdad

  • 9-12-2021, 11:45
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    Security Media Cell announced Thursday the arrest of 3 ISIS leaders in an intelligence operation in Baghdad.
    The cell said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "In continuation of the qualitative intelligence operations carried out by the Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency to strike the strongholds of terrorism and dry up their sources, the intelligence agency was able, based on intelligence information, to arrest three wanted terrorists in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 / terrorism." ) for their affiliation with ISIS terrorist gangs.
    The cell added, "Preliminary investigations showed that the first terrorist, nicknamed (Abu Hamza), worked within the so-called detachments of the state south of Baghdad, and he has one of his brothers within the ranks of ISIS, and he was killed in the Syrian province of Idlib, who was responsible for transferring weapons between Iraq and Syria. As for the second terrorist, nicknamed (Abu Anas). And who worked within the ranks of ISIS in the so-called Anbar Province, and the third terrorist is wanted in the database of those working with the terrorist ISIS.
    The cell also added "Their statements were recorded in the initial and judicial admission of their affiliation, and legal measures were taken against them."