Iraqi Interpol: Large projects in border crossing and wanted persons abroad is calculated

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  • 16-06-2021, 19:00
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    INA – Baghdad
    Iraqi director of Interpol Major General Sadiq Faraj Abdul-Rahman, revealed the number of wanted persons abroad, as he announced upon a major project in all border-crossing, in addition to explainging that 23 Iraqis would be deported from Denmark.
    "There is a defect in the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - MOFA that affects the work of the Iraqi Interpol, as MOFA does not push its relations with countries to support us, as if it is in the Iraqi embassies in the Emirates, Belgium and Turkey, its presence is not confirmed as active embassies in those countries,” said Abdul-Rahman to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    Abdul-Rahman added, "There are problems that the Interpol police face with Turkey, UAE and Jordan, where there are a number of Iraqis wanted by the Iraqi judiciary criminally, and it is assumed that Iraqi embassies in these countries will act regarding those wanted against whom arrest warrants are issued by the judiciary,"
    He explained that "the arrest warrants are submitted to the General Secretariat of the International Criminal Police in France, and the latter issues a (red notice), which consists in issuing an international arrest warrant to be executed against the perpetrators at any location or airport where they are arrested,"
    "Arrest warrants are also submitted to the Council of Arab Interior Ministers in Tunisia, and the latter issues a (search memorandum) against them, which is currently called (a temporary arrest warrant), and then they are arrested," he stressed, adding that "Iraqi embassies are supposed to have knowledge in the event that they were arrested in any country at the same minute, to tell us, and we would do our part to tell them to keep the perpetrators, and then we would address the Presidency of Public Prosecution and the Foreign Ministry to send the recovery file to the concerned country in order to recover the perpetrators, but there are problems represented by the weakness of the embassy and the relationship of some perpetrators with the host country, especially if they were from the corruption majors,"
    “There are 1100 Iraqis abroad who are wanted by the judiciary. As for the perpetrators of the Speicher crime, one of the criminals was arrested in France, whose name is Ahmed Muhammad Mahmoud Ayyash," noting that "the latter tried to escape to Germany, but he was arrested in Germany and returned to France, in addition to two criminals in Finland and a number of others in Germany, and in another European country,”
    Abdul-Rahman pointed out to "The issuance of death sentences against these people made Europe refuse to extradite them," suggesting that "they tried according to one of the articles they are wanted, which amounts to imprisonment for several years in absentia, and then retrial after their return to Iraq,"
    "We have 4 other people who were arrested from the participants in the Speicher crime, two of them in Finland, one in France and the fourth in Germany, and there is a fifth criminal who was arrested a week ago in Turkey," he went on stressing that "the defendants involved in the Speicher crime, which their names arrived to the Iraqi Interpol are only 10 people,"
    Abdul Rahman invited the Border –Crossing Authority and the General Customs Authority to "cooperate with the Iraqi Interpol in a major project adopted by the latter, which is to deliver Interpol services to all land, sea and air ports,"
    “A device received from the International Interpol contains information about 8 million stolen cars in the world, and as a result 8 stolen cars were seized from Europe and some Arab countries,” he reaveled, adding that “the police recently handed over a stolen car to Kuwait and stolen cars from the Emirates, France, Germany and Italy were seized in Iraq,”
    He asserted, "The device includes a very important database if it was placed at customs and border-crossings," noting that "anyone who imports cars is supposed to come to Interpol to check the cars' manifest and make sure that they are not stolen in order to be allowed to import,"
    "It is possible that we will set up Interpol offices at all land, air and sea border ports so that passports, stolen cars, and those wanted by the judiciary can be checked," he included.
    Regarding the Iraqis deported from European countries, Abdul Rahman explained, "There is a person deported from Denmark who will arrive in Iraq on the 16th of this month, and another will be received on the 24th of this month as well, as their names will be sent to check whether they have a security indication or wanted by Interpol until we inform the airport authorities,"
    "We received 23 people who were deported from Denmark a while ago, and their security positions were checked, as some of them were convicted,”

    “The Iraqi Interpol addressed Europe with the need to inform Iraq about the Iraqis convicted according to drug, theft or terrorism cases, because of the ruling and its duration until it is reported for forensic evidence to be confirmed,” Abdul-Rahman included.