Iraq acts internationally to end human trafficking

  • 7-12-2021, 13:37
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    The Interior Ministry unveiled on Tuesday an international move to curb human trafficking, noting that Iraq is among the top rankings in the fight against human trafficking.
    "The Ministry of Interior is working within existing laws and awaiting legislation of other laws, including the law on electronic crime and the protection of prisoners and children," General Saad Maan, head of the security media cell, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    "The government is serious about finding effective and practical solutions to every problem that may exist in society, and there are great efforts to combat human trafficking," he said, noting that "Iraq is among the advanced classifications in the fight against human trafficking through legislation on this, and the presence of a specialized directorate within the Police Affairs Agency, which has achieved great results and its hot lines that work 24 hours and we communicate with international organizations and there is a positive response at this level."
    "The ministry will announce its annual report with statistics through the ministry's police agency, which includes all security operations carried out by the ministry within a year," Maan said.