Al-Sahaf: Several measures to stop human trafficking

  • 9-08-2021, 13:27
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    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed today, Monday, that the measures taken to stop travel to Belarus are aimed at preventing the exploitation of Iraqis by smuggling and human trafficking networks.

    Ministry spokesman Ahmed Al-Sahaf said, in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "An investigative committee was formed, with the follow-up of a diplomatic cadre in Moscow, to find out the details of the incident that killed an Iraqi citizen on the border strip linking Belarus and Lithuania," noting that "the committee I met with the relevant and coordinating bodies in the Belarusian government to find out accurate details about the accident."

    He explained, "The government has taken a number of measures regarding the issue of Iraqi refugees and travelers to Belarus, including stopping flights with Belarus," noting that "the aim is to stop the exploitation of smuggling networks and human trafficking."

    He added, "We are following the humanitarian situation of the Iraqis on the border strip between Belarus and Lithuania," stressing that "the Iraqi embassy in Moscow has assigned a group of diplomatic staff to issue transit and transit passports to Iraqis wishing to return voluntarily and officially, in addition to that airlines are working to facilitate return flights from Belarus to Baghdad.

    He pointed out that "Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein received several contacts with his counterparts in the European Union, and they discussed the negative repercussions of the issue of human trafficking and its impact on the security and safety of individuals.".

    On the other hand, the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated, “The strategic dialogue between Iraq and America and the Iraqi negotiating delegation resulted in an agreement to end the presence of US combat forces on Iraqi soil until the end of this year,” explaining that “their presence will be in limited numbers, and their role is limited to training and advice.” capacity building and intelligence sharing.