Dhi Qar Appeal Court announce realeasing all the arrested peaceful protesters

  • 14-11-2021, 10:05
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    Dhi Qar Appeal Court announced Sunday releasing all arrested peaceful protesters.
    “president of Dhi Qar Appeal Court, Judge Mohammed Haidar Hussein, received the director of Human Rights Office in Iraq (UNAMI) Daniela Bell, that both parties discussed human rights issues and guarantees provided for by the Law on the Protection of the accused when being arrested and interrogated," said a statement by the Supreme Court received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    Judge Hussein said, "The law stipulates the protection of the accused when arrested and interrogated, including interrogation within twenty-four hours, and that his initial statements should be without pressure and that his initial statements should be in the presence of the Deputy Prosecutor and the accused lawyer.
    "All arrested peaceful demonstrators have been released, and those against whom there is evidence of acts criminalized by law, their cases will be referred to the competent courts for trial," he said.
    Meanwhile, a delegation from the United Nations Office for Human Rights (UNAMI) visited Chief Prosecutor Mohamed Kishish Kazar inside the building of the Federal Court of Appeal of Dhi Qar. 
    "During the meeting, the role of the public prosecutor was discussed in detail regarding its supervisory role in decisions issued by courts and bodies in general and the role of the public prosecutor's office in monitoring the investigative and supervisory authorities for legal violations, including allegations of torture against some of the convicts and detainees," he said. 
    "There are many cases of the accused who have been released from the competent courts because of proven medical reports confirming their allegations of torture, most of which have been ratified by the Federal Court of Cassation.