MOHESR concludes international conf. on Bologna system

  • 10-11-2021, 20:35
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    Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research – MOHESR concluded its international conference on the (Bologna Process) system and the European Partnership for the Modernization of University Education.
    The ministry concluded the work of its international conference marked (Bologna Process in Iraq Higher Education), which was held in cooperation with the Dutch SPARK organization and with the participation of representatives of international organizations and European universities," according to a statement by the Ministry, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    The statement included, "today's work, events and dialogues in the second day of the conference focused on the tasks and perspective of the Bologna Path project, and the participants reviewed the path of this system, which is adopted by forty-nine European countries, and its pillars, which are based on strengthening the concepts of education, the centrality of the student, enabling him to use practical tools and developing qualifications in accordance with the European system of academic accreditation,”
    “The closing sessions included research papers, presentations and scientific interventions presented by participants from representatives of international organizations, officials of the Ministry of Higher Education, its universities and experts on the possibilities of implementing Bologna Track system in higher education in Iraq according to the terms of reference and requirements imposed by the labor market, as well as achieving quality assurance and building bridges to global partnership in the field of modernizing university education programs and systems,” according to the statement.