AIFI captures gang leader involved in terrorist crimes in Diyala

  • 4-11-2021, 12:39
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    The Security Media Cell announced on Thursday, capturing gang leader involved in terrorist crimes in Diyala province.
     SMC said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "In a qualitative operation and continuous supervision and follow-up by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Intelligence and Federal Investigations, the forces of the Intelligence Agency in Diyala province began carrying out an operation to strike one of the groups of organized crime gangs and those involved in it, which is the gang of the criminal named (Ahmed Roumieh)."
    “The forces raided the location of the gang and clashe with them, and managed to injure the accused criminal (Majid Roumieh), the brother of the fugitive, and seize the weapons he had," noting that "the accused are wanted according to the provisions of Article 4 of Anti- Terrorism Law,” SMC added.
    The statement continued, "The Agency of Intelligence and Federal Investigation at the Ministry of Interior pledged to carry out many Ops in Diyala  province and other areas to pursue anyone who tempts himself to tamper with the security."