SMC: Capturing a terrorist in Anbar

  • 31-10-2021, 13:24
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    The Security Media Cell announced today, Sunday, the arrest of a terrorist between Ramadi and Rutba in Anbar province.
    SMC said in statement, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "Based on accurate intelligence information by the 5th intelligence Division of Military Intelligence Directorate at the Ministry of Defense, which confirmed that the wherabout of one of the terrorists in Al-Rutba district in Anbar, and in coordination and cooperation with the Command Intelligence, He was ambushed and arrested in the one of the checkpoints of the road linking Ramadi and Al-Rutbah ".
    The statement added, "The arrestee is one of the terrorists who fought with ISIS terrorist gangs against the security forces during the liberation battles, and he is wanted by the judiciary according to an arrest warrant in accordance with Article 4  Anti- Terrorism Law ."