MOH takes measures after the emergence Corona new strain in Russia

  • 22-10-2021, 12:37
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    The Ministry of Health announced on Friday, its measures after the emergence of a new strain of Corona virus in Russia, while it disclosed the reasons for not giving the third dose of the vaccine at the present time.
    “The Ministry of Health’s measures included communicating with international sides, after Russia announced the existence of a new strain of Corona, maintaining the preventive measures, and stressing on increasing the proportion of recipients of the vaccine, which is the best, especially as it contributed significantly to reduce the severity of the infection with all its mutations”, said the Director General of Health, Riyad Abdel Amir, in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    He added, "All scientists do not predict an imminent end to the Corona virus, and that mutations may continue, and it is not possible to predict the extent of the ferocity or weakness of the mutated strains," noting that "so far, there is no enough information about that strain."
    Abdel-Amir ruled out, "Giving the third dose of the vaccine at the present time, especially since the proportion of recipients of the vaccine so far does not exceed 22 percent of the target group, and the percentage must be raised to 60 percent, then it is thought to give the third dose to high-risk groups."
    He pointed out that "Hospitals designated to treat corona provide other health services, and the low number of infected people does not mean the closure of these hospitals, but rather they continue to provide regular health services to the citizens."
    Russia had issued a decree imposing a number of strict restrictions to confront the new wave of the Corona virus that is sweeping the Russian capital.
    The decree indicated that the epidemiological situation in Moscow is developing according to the "worst case scenario", and that in the coming days the city may reach a "historic peak" in infection rates with the virus.
    Therefore, the decree declared the period between October 28 and November 7, as an official “holiday”, during which the work of all institutions and organizations in the city will be suspended, with the exception of a limited number of “vital” organizations.
    The suspension also includes the work of institutions and organizations in the field of trade, services, catering, sports, culture, entertainment, movie shows, and others, with the exception of selling medicines, food and other basic commodities, with restaurants and cafes continuing to deliver takeaway services.