Three suspects arrested, stolen vehicle seized in Baghdad

  • 21-10-2021, 11:50
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    Baghdad's Anti-Crime Section announced Thursday the arrest of three suspects and the seizure of a stolen wheel in the capital.
    "The Office of Combating Motor vehicle theft in Rusafa was informed of the theft of a yellow Saipa taxi wheel within the Karrada area," the directorate said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), adding that "a task force was formed to follow up on the incident and after investigating and collecting information that resulted in finding the stolen vehicle and seizing it in the possession of two accused, where they were arrested and explicitly confessed to stealing the wheel".
    "The statements of the accused were made and judicially certified by the confession, and all legal proceedings were taken against them," the statement said.
    "The detachments of the Office of Combating the Crime of Alhuria district were able to arrest a suspect for falsifying an instrument worth (200 million Iraqi dinars) who was arrested and taken legal action against him in accordance with article 298/292 of the Penal Code," the statement said.